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Depressing Fonts


Do You Want To Try Depressing Fonts?

You know that visual effects and elements are just as significant as the words on a web page or blog post. And fonts have a particular role to play as a visual marketing tool for publishers to leverage when compiling their stories. The specific font you choose ultimately plays a hand in conveying the message you want to send your readers.

Who Uses Depressing Fonts?

Many people use online communities to discuss mental health issues, thus offering opportunities for a new understanding of these communities. The depressing or sad font is one of them. You can define your tense, worried, or depressive mood through these kinds of fonts. They are the symbol of your inner feeling and thought.

In Facebook posts and comments or your Instagram bios, this depressing font represents your depressive mood and conveys a specific message to your reader. The readers will get the impression of your depressive mood by looking at these depressive fonts.

Depressing Fonts at Fontsrack Free

At Fontsrack, you can quickly turn your simple fonts to depressive fonts with an online depressing font generator. Just copy the text in the box and pick the appropriate depressive font.Afterward, paste it in your required place. These fonts would be definately quite helpful to convey the impression you want to send accurately.