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Hacked Text


Try Hacked Fonts with Fontsrack

HACKED is just like a Glitch font. It is the creation of DavidLibeau. Hacked font format includes monospaced regular, bold, italic, and bold italic sets to cover all of your syntax highlighting requirements. Letters, punctuation, and symbols look beautiful and balanced and neatly delineated in this font. It has a regular weight, which is quite comfortable to read at the small text sizes, which we use for source code development.

The purpose of designing hacked fonts

The goal of creating hacked font is to make a workhorse typeface for source code. It has a secure connection with the free, open-source typeface community and expands upon the contributions of the Bitstream Vera & DejaVu projects. When you first see this strange text font, you might have thought it was a hack or glitch which caused it, but, of course, you now know that that is not the case. Anyone can convert their text into weird hacky text with all sorts of strange marks with absolutely zero hacking skills.

Create your Own Hacked Fonts

At Fontsrack, you get the facility to generate hacked fonts with its hacked font generator. By using this fantastic tool, you can conveniently create hacked like fonts with a simple copy paste option. You type a text in the box, and Fontsrack hacked font generator turns it into your expected font. You can paste it in your desired place anytime.