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Happy Fonts


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We associate happy fonts commonly with feminine or childish designs, but if you broaden your horizons just a little, there are some which work just fine for tech startups or service-based companies. It certainly lays its stress on the message that your brand wants to portray and the clients you want to attract. A unique and happy font can send an extraordinary message through its soft lines and rounded shapes.

Happy Fonts Styles

Most of the happy fonts fit into the Script category due to their playful nature and hand-drawn style. When we look at the Sans category, most of its fonts are rounded and bubbly, although some are thin and delicate. Sans fonts are the ones that don’t have small lines attached to the ends of letters. A new category, Serif, is not very common for happy fonts, but you might be surprised! By playing with the size and shape of the Serif, what would usually be an elegant or formal font can become energetic and fun.

Happy Font Generator & Copy Paste

At Fontsrack, we provide a valuable range of happy fonts with our happy font generator. You can easily copy or type a simple text in the box, and Fontsrack will show you multiple options in which you can change your texts into happy fonts. Choose the one you like and copy-paste it at your workplace.