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Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that gives freedom to its users to share anything on the web, like images, text, quotes, videos, music, links, etc. Just like other social networking style websites, users can have their customized profile that matches their personality and needs. If you’re a graduate or undergraduate freaking out over a thesis, Tumbler would be quite a help to make you prepare better for your dissertation. And, if you’re an innovative brand owner, you can also use Tumblr as a great marketing tool.

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The most popular Tumblr tags include Fashion, LOL, Vintage, Art, GIF, Makeup, Animals, Landscape, Film and Nail Art. The site generates some revenue by selling themes to users so that they can change the appearance of their blog. Tumblr logo design has a unique font very similar to Bookman Old Style Bold. Bookman Old Style is a commercial typeface, and you can purchase it.

Added More Text Styles

Tumblr also added more text styles for text posts with serene and aesthetic feel, so that users can now add headers, make lists, and use serif fonts, a courier-like typewriter font, and

At Fontsrack, you can easily convert your desired text with a copy-paste option using our Tumbler Font Generator. You need to type or paste the text you want to turn in the box, and you can easily select the font you like for your tumblr content. After selecting your desired font, paste it wherever you want.